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Custom fabrication of stainless steel products and process equipment - OEM production

Stainless Steel custom manufacturing for OEM Manufacturers (non-standard stainless steel products and process equipment)

Tank fabrication

B&P Engineering offers a large assortment of tanks for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Shell and tube heat exchangers

This type of heat exchanger is used for transferring heat in order to obtain the appropriate temperature parameters of the media flowing through the heat exchanger.

Stainless steel processing

At B&P Engineering we like to be challenged. One of the most difficult tasks, due to specific mechanical and physical properties of metals, is undoubtedly the processing of stainless steel. Particularly, stainless steel machining is associated with many difficulties that must be met by both the engineer responsible for preparing the machining project and the machine operator, who is the most responsible person for the final effect.

Stainless steel tank bottoms

B&P Engineering manufactures dished and flat bottoms for pressure and low-pressure tanks.

CNC machining

B&P Engineering is a reliable subcontractor in the field of metalworking using modern numerically controlled machines. Our offer includes a wide range of subcontracting services related to precision machining of low, middle and high volume production. At your request we can process your sheet metal or shape various types of parts for many branches of industry.

Cutting and bending of tubes

We offer services: laser cutting of tubes using a high-tech Lasertube LT8.10 Fiber machine and bending of tubes using Elect 102 automatic bender.

Rolling (bending) and coiling of profiles and sections

DAVI MCP18 section roll is able to provide us with precise bends in products made of various types of materials.

Design of machinery and equipment as well as visualisation of manufacturing processes

B&P Engineering Design Office employs a team of qualified engineers, eager to offer the highest quality of service.

Erection and programming of control cabinets

Our services also involve design, manufacture and programming of various control systems for industrial machinery and equipment.


Electropolishing (electrolytic polishing) is an electrochemical process by which surface material is removed by anodic dissolution.

Automatic grinding, polishing of tanks and end caps

The device is capable of finishing an internal and external part of a jacket in tanks installed on rotating rollers.


B&P Engineering is a specialist when it comes to group 8.1 stainless steel and acid-proof steel welding in accordance with PN-CR-ISO 15608.

Shot peening - Glass blasting

In its shot peening works B&P Engineering uses microbeads with a grain size of 100 and 200 microns.

Metal sheet cutting and bending

We offer bending and cutting of metal sheets.

Laser and plasma cutting

B&P Engineering offers industrial cutting services.

Lathing CNC

We have machine tools of various types, thus we are able to implement even the most sophisticated workpiece lathing.

Milling CNC

Milling services are performed using three-, four- and five- axis milling machines, operated by experienced personnel.