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CNC machining

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CNC machining

B&P Engineering is a reliable subcontractor in the field of metalworking using modern numerically controlled machines. Our offer includes a wide range of subcontracting services related to precision machining of low, middle and high volume production. At your request we can process your sheet metal or shape various types of parts for many branches of industry.

We value your trust in us and we make every effort that each project carried out by our staff ensures complete fulfilment of project guidelines as well is distinguished by its excellent preparation and high-precision manufacturing. That is why we invest both in the development of our machine part as well as in highly qualified staff.  

Modern machine park

The basis of the CNC machining constitute the CNC machining centers. In our factory we have the modern equipment purchased from suppliers or companies which are highly valued in the market which enables us to process sheet metal as well as to CNC turn and mill the parts of high quality. 

Thanks to the use of professional CAD/CAM software and modern CNC controllers the CNC machining process is extremely fast and, first of all, a very precise method for manufacturing of even very complex shapes as well as for sheet metal machining.

The machine park of B&P Engineering includes specialist machining centres for both CNC turning and milling as well as machinery used for welding, cutting or bending. Many of our machines enable the operation in many planes simultaneously.

Dedicated staff

We are of the opinion that regardless of the degree of automation of the machine park the human factor is extremely important during the CNC machining. In our production plant we employ the highly qualified employees who are proud of their profound experience and knowledge as well as of their qualifications required for performing services related to sheet metal processing or CNC turning and milling of parts made of stainless steel and other metals. Our employees have the required knowledge related to properties of machined metal and they are able to operate the machines in a professional and secure way

Our team consists of engineers, design engineers and automation specialists as well as qualified machine operators. The properly managed staff guarantee that only the best employees have control over the CNC machining processes which starts from the computer aided design through implementation of the project requirements into specific program to the final machining. 

Experience and know-how

During CNC milling and turning of various parts as well as while sheet metal processing not only the theoretical background but also the experience gained at work as well as the systematic development of company’s know-how is of great importance.

The employees of B&P Engineering are experts in their fields, who constantly learn new skills and expand their knowledge related to the latest CNC machining technologies. The CNC turning and milling, bending and plasma or laser cutting of plates, or metal welding are particularly demanding areas. That is why we place special emphasis on our staff to be well prepared for the performing of services offered by our company.

Certified Quality

The quality of provided services goes hand in hand with the appropriate machinery which fulfils the requirements suitable for each process as well as with the professional quality, environment and work safety management system.

The B&P Engineering production plant holds certificates such as ISO, ASME and OHSAS which confirm our high level of quality and our professional services including CNC turning and milling as well as steel processing. We do care about the compliance of our products with appropriate standards and that our work itself is distinguished by its high quality.

Scope of services provided within CNC machining

Our extensive machinery stock and well-trained employees enable us to manufacture a wide variety of machining services. At your request the team of B&P Engineering can provide you with the following services as far as CNC machining of metal sheets and various workpieces are concerned:

  • CNC milling,
  • CNC turning,
  • Laser cutting,
  • Plasma cutting,
  • Bending,
  • Welding.

We encourage all persons interested in our subcontracting services to get to know the details of our portfolio and possibilities as far as individual methods of metal treatment, milling of stainless steel or other materials are concerned.

Each service is subject to individual calculation that is why we kindly encourage you to get in touch with us in order to discuss the details of your request.