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Custom build modular process skid systems | fabrication | assembly | delivery |

Process skids units which are manufactured by B&P Engineering can not only increase the lifespan of your equipment, but can reduce the costs of labor in maintaining it.

B&P Engineering provides custom-made turn-key modular process skid systems for any project.

B&P Engineering is a single source for plug and play systems. Because of this, we can drastically reduce both your project costs and time. Risks and activity can be reduced on your site, through our supply of single or multiple units from our world-class manufacturing facility.

Our teams of engineers, programmers and automation specialists has many years of experience in the construction of filtration, pasteurization skid systems for beverage industry. 


custom modular process skid systemsA modular process skid is a process system that is contained within a frame which specifically allows the process system to be easily transported. Whilst individual skids can house complete process systems, multiple process skids are able to be placed together in order to create larger process systems. They can also create an entire portable plant. Sometimes referred to as a ‘system in a box’, the multi-skid system often includes a raw materials skid, a utilities skid and a processing unit. These all work in tandem.

By playing a key role in supporting you during the design phase, we can ensure that the process you envision actually works in practice. By reviewing and surveying the conditions of construction early on, we are able to fully understand and accommodate your needs. Whilst you are aware of what it is your process piping skids and systems need to accomplish, we know how to piece the infrastructure together. We know how to do this with safety and efficiency whilst preserving product quality.

custom modular process skid systemsOur custom skid mounted units can be used in a full range of uses that include batch control, oil blending machinery, filtration systems, temperature control units and flow control units. Before we commence any installation at client facilities, all of our custom skid system products are thoroughly tested in-house. This is to ensure that all of our systems are fully functional and work-ready upon their setting up.

To meet your specific design and process requirements, B&P Engineering offers customised integrated process skid fabrication and electrical skid mounted process systems that are pre-wired and mounted on a common base.


B&P Engineering supplies most major components. These include pumps, custom modular process skid systemsvalves, instrumentation, piping, control panels and seal pots, amongst others. This makes us your single source for custom integrated process skid packages.

We build all of our process control skids in our facilities which are located in Przeworsk, Poland. Before shipment, all of our skids are fully FAT tested in our shop. By doing this, start-up problems in the field are eliminated and our customers are able to get on line more rapidly. We also work with our customers to obtain all certification prior to shipment.




Unique electrical control cabinets: How do we conquer the world of control cabinets?

At some point in your job, you will most likely need electrical control cabinets. BP Engineering is here to help you by providing customised integrated process skid fabrication and electrical skid-mounted process systems.  A modular process skid is a process system contained within a frame - anything from simple to complex frames with many mechanical components. Our electrical control cabinets have many uses, ranging from batch control and oil blending machinery to temperature and flow control units. To meet your specific requirements, our engineers supply you with key components, including pumps, valves, or instrumentation.

BP Engineering revolutionizes the industry with control panels. Try our hi-tech PLC cabinets.

Control panels are our key to well-functioning modular process skid systems. Using professional software for control panel cabinets, we strive to optimize the arrangement of components, determine cable routes and cable tray filling. We put faith in HMI touch panels used for visualisation, presenting synoptic diagrams with the description and parameters displayed on the monitor screen. Depending on your expectations, control systems use different operator panels or computer workstations for control, supervision, and visualisation. In turn, we use SCADA to connect with multiple PLCs, collecting and archiving process data, or using databases.

The industrial control systems that don't disappoint clients. Don't be disappointed - test our industrial control cabinets.

For many years our team has been working on industrial control systems in the construction of filtration and pasteurization skid systems for the beverage industry. Today, BP Engineering supervises, controls, and maintains existing industrial automation systems. We develop software that controls machines, devices, production lines, and industrial facilities, both new and those already operating. As different manufacturers require different skid systems, we offer customised processing skids. To accommodate your needs, we support you in the design and construction stages, maintaining the required safety and efficiency while ensuring high product quality.

How to develop control systems programming? We offer success in the programming of control cabinets.

Our engineers develop complex control cabinets that run in various factory units. Starting with problem identification and evaluation of possible solutions, we present optimally functional and price-driven products. To create systems that ensure increased production efficiency and superior quality, we offer visualisation systems programming based on flow control, temperature, capacity, pressure, and multifaceted process lines. Within the process, we pay utmost attention to the transparency of the systems, software standardisation, and reduction of production costs, among many others.

Expensive storage tanks, pressure vessels and heat exchangers can be elevated by skid systems to prevent possible breakdowns caused by high temperatures, chemical corrosion and spills. Skid systems allow for more rapid cooling and can simplify clean-up operations. They can also reduce the necessity of having to lift equipment manually. This ensures a clean and safe working environment.

Examples of skid applications:custom modular process skid systemscustom modular process skid systemscustom modular process skid systemscustom modular process skid systems

  • Batch processing
  • Centrifuge systems
  • Clean-in-place systems
  • Coating systems
  • Continuous production systems
  • Demonstration plants
  • Distillation
  • Flavor mixing
  • Food and beverage processing
  • In-line blending systems
  • Mixing systems
  • Pilot plants
  • Pump carts
  • Raw materials processing
  • Refining

Skid mounted units design and layout features:custom modular process skid systems

  • Portable design – easier to transport, self-contained units (container sizes).
  • Small footprint – all necessary process equipment, tanks, piping can be fit into a smaller space (equipment layering).
  • Process connections are gathered into one place on the skid. It allows for easier connection with the plant installations.
  • Built in controlled conditions offsite do not affected on plant operations.
  • Factory acceptance tests – fat testing can be completed before modular process skid will be shipped to site.
  • Accessible layout – frame design - easy access to all equipment components. 


Advantages of cooperation with B&P Engineering:

custom modular process skid systems

COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT |towards consulting, engineering and project completion, all from a single source

A WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS | including modular, scalable and high-quality skids for the handling of liquid products

SHORT INSTALLATION TIMES | assembly and preliminary test at our factory under operating conditions

HIGH LEVEL OF FLEXIBILITY | greater transportability, easy combination and later expandability due to stable modular design


custom modular process skid systemsWhy use B&P Engineering for process skid fabrication?

We have our own state-of-the-art facility where we fabricate and manufacture units with total quality control and supervision. Optional milestone inspection points allow our customers to both monitor progress and check specifications throughout the building process. Our inside facility allows us complete control over production times, as we are unburdened by weather delays. This saves time through having total control and stability of our production environment. On your schedule, we deliver and oversee the re-assembly of your units. Due to the customisation of most projects, we provide full transparency to both our processes and progress along the way.

custom modular process skid systems

Let’s work together!

Our team has a vast experience in working with stainless steel. Because of this, we can recommend adjustments in design and materials that will help you save on costs. The compliance of your system and quality of your product will be guaranteed.

We provide a broad range of modular and scalable skids ready for operation.custom modular process skid systems

Skid systems are not all the same however. Even though many fabricators focus on producing standardized systems, it is optimal that most systems obtain a custom-made processing skid. In fact, most systems should be custom-made. This is down to the simple fact that facilities are unique in both the way their spatial area and in the distinctive way that they arrange their equipment.

Different manufacturers may require different skid systems. Certain industries may need a clean-in-place (CIP) skid system, whereas industries such as laboratories and food processing plants may require a sterilization-in-place (SIP) skid system. 

Processing skids which are manufactured by B&P Engineering can not only increase the lifespan of your equipment, but can reduce the costs of labor in maintaining it. To receive an estimate that ensures your processing needs are met, please call one of our fabrication specialists today.