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Custom fabrication of stainless steel products and process equipment - OEM production

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Custom fabrication of stainless steel products and process equipment - OEM production

Stainless Steel custom manufacturing for OEM Manufacturers (non-standard stainless steel products and processing equipment). Apparatus, containers, reactors and process equipment for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry.

B&P Engineering, apart from making its own products, offers contract and custom manufacturing services of machine construction and advanced processing equipment based on the received documentation.

Features of the B&P Engineering subcontracting services (stainless steel fabrication services) offerred (OEM production) 

B&P Engineering provides services of machine construction, tanks and advanced equipment based on the received documentation.

We provide support in the design phase. We are experts in designing tanks for multiple applications.

Our custom-built devices, machines and tanks are used in technological processes by companies from the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, water and sewage.

By deciding to start cooperation with us, you choose a comprehensive solution. You get full support in the implementation of your project.

Custom manufactured and engineered stainless steel components and assemblies, built according to your specifications. Production runs for OEM contract manufacturing along with in-house engineering, welding, cutting, forming, rolling, machining, and surface finishing. All managed under one roof.

We provide project management, engineering, technical documentation, production, final testing, and customer delivery.
A wide range of class leading equipment all housed in our state-of-the-art facility offers improved time to delivery and cost reductions. Removing 3rd party services and controlling quality gets you a turnkey processing system ready for production.

Material of production: only stainless steel

Quantity: per unit, small-lot production

Location: by the A4 motorway, 35 km to the Rzeszów Jasionka (RZE) airport

References: we cooperate with globally recognized brands from various technical branches:        - full reference list


We invite you to perform the reference audit.

B&P Engineering is also a producer of modern machinery and equipment for the food industry. Under own brand we implements projects for the construction of complete production lines for the production of fruit juices and concentrates within the fruit and vegetable processing industry. It provides ultrafiltration systems, evaporation stations, hydraulic presses, pasteurizers, grinders and tanks - offer.


Production from stainless steel - only for demanding customers

If you are looking for a stainless steel product of the highest quality, our offer is just for you. We create complete production lines based on the use of stainless steel with high strength parameters. Our production capabilities guarantee excellent quality of devices, custom-made and tailored to individual needs devices. From design to assembly, we provide a full range of services and create a design in line with your high requirements.

Technological equipment for the chemical industry tailored to your business

In the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, stainless steel is a material that meets the high requirements of substances contained therein. Our services focus on custom production of stainless steel products that will exactly match the specifics of your business. When choosing our tanks, you can be sure that the substances contained in them will not change their chemical composition and will maintain their high quality.

The production of process equipment in a modern factory ensures the highest quality

We are a manufacturer that guarantees that our products are of the highest quality. The plant uses all modern methods so that the production of technological devices from stainless steel guarantees their highest level. Individual production of process equipment allows for creating a project that is exactly tailored to the conditions of your company and the precise manufacture of all elements.

Stainless steel process equipment - safety and quality are our top priority

As a manufacturer of industrial devices, we know how important the requirements of their safe use are. We base our entire activity on certificates that guarantee that our devices meet stringent safety requirements. Thus, you get process equipment free from shortcomings and defects that could threaten your business. We can safely say that the proper functioning of our products in your company is our priority.


  • tanks,
  • mixers,
  • reactors,
  • decanters,
  • separators,
  • filter cages,
  • crystallizers,
  • evaporators,
  • powder mixers,
  • mixing devices,
  • vacuum dryers,
  • screw conveyors,
  • pressure vessels,
  • high shear mixerd,
  • pressure apparatus,
  • rectification columns,
  • modular skid systems,
  • processing equipment,
  • tubular heat exchangers,
  • vacuum processing units,
  • granulators and processor,
  • process columns and towers,
  • mixing and homogenizing equipment,
  • degassing machines for powders and liquids.

cosmetic industry: cream mixers, liquid mixers, liquid process equipment, Liquid vacuum mixers

pharmaceutical industry: horizontal vacuum dryer, sanitary vacuum dryer, vacuum dryer, vacuum paddle dryer

chemical industry: double cone mixer, solid mixer

Simple project management. The project is conducted by an experienced project manager from beginning to end.

Speed of reaction and flexibility. The execution of works within a one location guarantees a quick response of specialists in a situation that calls for it and allows for a high flexibility of actions during cooperation.

Competitive prices. With the positive effects of constant optimization of production processes and the use of modern manufacturing, methods we offer the customer attractive prices and a comprehensive and professional service.

A Single, Complete Integrator and a perfect final Product. Engineering, project management, fabrication, manufacturing, welding, assembly, testing, and installation make B&P Engineering your large scale 'one-stop-shop' for custom processing equipment.


As an OEM contract manufacturer, B&P Engineering has partnered with global companies to reduce production costs and improve product quality. Top OEM brands count on B&P Engineering’s fulfillment capabilities and engineering staff to continually increase their customer satisfaction. In contract manufacturing, we can offer advanced industrial products in small and medium series. 

B&P Engineering can help take your company and product to the next level with:

  •     Design & Build Services
  •     Engineering Support
  •     Production Cost Reduction

Engineering applications of technological equipment designed and manufactured by B&P are used by companies in many areas: Dairy industry, Beer and Beverages, Juices, Water and sewage, Chemistry, Pharma and Cosmetics as well as Spirts and Distilleries.

B&P Engineering is OEM contractor who design, engineer and manufacture complete products and process systems form stainless steel. As OEMs fabricator we manufacture sub-assemblies or component parts. Other manufacturers purchase these fabrications and assemble them into their products. It is not unusual for OEMs to perform all of these functions: parts manufacture, sub-assembly and final production.


As a custom contract manufacturer for the biggest OEMs and companies in the world, we can help improve your current processes and systems from assemblies and systems to complete plant production lines. B&P Engineering approaches design, fabrication, and project management with a different, personalized process to fit the needs and specifications of every customer. 

Our mission is full customer support in the implementation of the project. 

The customer does not have  to involve its employees or production and installation teams with various companies to supervise and coordinate the works. B&P Engineering will deal with the implementation of individual stages of the project. An experienced project manager is delegated to supervise the works and in accordance with the agreed schedule, coordinates the implementation and reports progress.

A Dedicated Team for Your Design Build Projects.