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Cutting and bending of tubes

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Cutting and bending of tubes

We offer services: laser cutting of tubes using a high-tech Lasertube LT8.10 Fiber machine and bending of tubes using Elect 102 automatic bender.


For laser cutting of tubes and sections we use a high-tech machine Lasertube LT8.10 with a fiber laser technology with tilting heads, which allow to cut at an angle up to 45°. This enables us to process tubes and sections with high accuracy and precision, i.e. 0.2 mm. Thanks to this we can be sure to maintain smooth edges and clean surface without scratches and chipping.

We offer the service of laser cutting of tubes, which is an alternative to machining (milling, drilling). Laser cutting is a more effective and cheaper method of performing such operations. Compared to conventional methods, laser cutting significantly shortens the time of processing, thus reducing unit costs. We are able to offer you attractive trading conditions because the use of a laser allows to process different materials with one tool.



Parameters of laser cutting of tubes and sections:
  • round tubes with a diameter between 12 mm and 240 mm

  • square and rectangular sections with dimensions min. 12 x 12 mm - max. 200 x 200 mm

  • open profiles, special sections and shapes

We provide professional laser cutting of tubes and sections in various materials:

  • stainless steel,
  • aluminium,
  • carbon steel,
  • brass, copper.

Maximum thicknesses of the materials we can process:

  • stainless steel – 6 mm
  • aluminium – 6 mm
  • carbon steel – 12 mm
  • brass – 5 mm
  • copper – 4 mm

Fiber Lasertube LT8.10 allows for:

  • "clean" cut with automatic removal of cutting particles from the inside of the tube
  • automatic measurement of errors in the dimension of the material to be cut
  • automatic detection of welding seams
  • automatic loading
  • minimising waste to 110 mm

Laser cutting of tubes and sections with the use of the LASERTUBE LT8.10 featuring a fiber laser source allows for fast and accurate execution of orders. Improvement of the cutting process allows us to offer short lead times. High efficiency of the device and minimization of waste guarantee attractive commercial conditions during the execution of orders. The technique of laser cutting of tubes and sections enables us to repeat the production of elements, always in accordance with the developed or received technical documentation.


  • processing of sections up to 240 mm in diameter
  • weight up to 40 kg/m
  • possibility to cut stainless steel up to 6 mm, carbon steel up to 12 mm
  • loading length 6.5 m
  • unloading length 6.5 m
  • fiber laser source 3 kW
  • automatic adjustment
  • 3D cutting
  • processed materials: iron, inox steel, aluminium, copper, brass
  • 3D tilt cutting head (possibility of cutting at an angle)



Advantages of the laser cutting of sections:

  • guarantee of the highest quality of final products or semi-finished products
    repeatability and accuracy of workmanship
    various shapes of cut holes,
    possibility of working with sections in the following shapes: round, C, I, L, rectangular, square and others.
    cutting in ground and polished sections does not affect the surface quality.



The ELECT 102 tube bending machine has special programs which can be selected by the operator to guarantee maximum part repeatability and unique geometric accuracy even for complex parts. The machine can bend multiple radii using stack tooling. Parts will be always perfect and repeatable regardless of the tube shape. The modular die maintains the constant section on the entire bend also for non-round tubes (square, rectangular or sections). Accurate, always guaranteed results.


Advantages of execution of an order on a bender ELECT 102:

  • Control the shape even for tight radii.
    Perfect appearance is guaranteed.
    No waste of material.


Tube bending is always controlled and adapts to material characteristics and spring back. The ELECT has various torque levels available (up to 60,000 N) which can be varied during the entire bend cycle. This ensures maximum process control to the last bend.


With high-strength materials or stainless steel of high spring back, the machine calculates the behaviour of the part to prevent the formation of unsightly marks caused by slippage at the end of the bend or early wear of the tools. All this is done automatically without the need of an expert operator.


  • tube diameter from 15 mm to 102 mm
    wall thickness of bent material up to 2 mm
    bending radius 1.5 D
    10 axis machine with right-side bending and numerical control of Siemens Simotion type
    maximum tube length for bending 4.7 m