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Erection and programming of control cabinets

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Erection and programming of control cabinets

Our services also involve design, manufacture and programming of various control systems for industrial machinery and equipment.

The range of these services includes both small and fairly simple systems with limited inputs and outputs as well as large, complex, systems including distributed control systems with multiple drives.

Depending on customer’s needs and the type of applications, control systems are equipped with different types of operator panels (from  simple text panels to large, full colour touchscreens) or computer workstations for control, supervision and visualization of processes.

Our applications feature mainly Siemens S7 controllers of 300 series in varying conifgurations as well as Protool, WinCC and WinCC-flexible software for control visualisation.  If necessary, we will handle an expansion, modifcation, upgrade and alteration of existing control systems or entire facilities.


Manufacture of process skids and skid systems of the highest quality


Modular process platforms are independent skid systems, composed of modules. This facilitates transport, assembly and integration with the entire industrial infrastructure. Manufacture of process skids in our facility guarantees that the entire system works perfectly and flawlessly. We realize many projects for individual orders of modular skid systems, containing a number of process applications for many industries.

Modular skid systems are gaining popularity, slowly replacing traditional methods of manufacturing process skids, due to the possibility of reducing the cost of skid system production. This also means reduction of the manpower required to operate the system.

As a process skid manufacturer, we offer a number of advantages

A customer wishing to create a skid system for their factory has at their disposal numerous projects offered by us, with the possibility of presenting an individual order - we will adapt an appropriate project to the needs of the customer. This is aimed at saving production costs and time to complete a skid system. As a skid manufacturer, we offer high quality workmanship and quick installation of the system by request.

The controlled conditions of our facility allow us to efficiently construct skid modules, using the highest quality and precisely combining materials. One advantage of ordering a skid system is the option of realizing a project involving the assembly of skids in many different locations. Modular solutions allow to combine elements in numerous ways, in order to adapt the entire system to a given activity.

Process skid engineering - we focus on the safe use of skid systems

The entire module system is mounted on process skids, ensuring precise performance of all types of processes related to the distribution of liquids and gases. Skid engineering is based on the principles of absolute safety, using precisely fitted skid systems. By determining the demand, a customer can be sure that the equipment we provide will meet all requirements and can be transported and used in an easy and safe manner.

Production of skids and assembly of modular process skids in a production company

An order placed by the customer must contain an accurate description of the purposes of modular skid systems. Based on it, we will create a project for the skid production. After completion, the whole product is transported to its destination and precisely assembled. We adjust the system of manufactured elements to the entire equipment at the customer's site, ensuring that it's efficient and safe.

The system assembly and layout plan must assume ergonomic use of the production plant space. We install skid systems on any surface, regardless of size. The ability to arrange space and create a perfectly matching modular skid system allows to avoid complications in connecting it with utility components on site.