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Shell and tube heat exchangers

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Shell and tube heat exchangers

This type of heat exchanger is used for transferring heat in order to obtain the appropriate temperature parameters of the media flowing through the heat exchanger.

We provide services of production of heat exchangers on the basis of the documentation received from the customer.

We are specialized in the production of shell and tube heat exchangers made of stainless steel.

We are capable of manufacturing heat exchangers that reach the mass of 20 tons and include more than 7,000 pipes welded on the floor tube sheet.

The aspect that distinguishes our offer is the fact of subjecting the entire heat exchanger under process of degreasing, pickling, passivation, rinsing and drying in a technological line specially adapted for this type of operation.

Performing this process ensures the elimination of corrosion processes and prolonged use of the device. For high demanding customers our heat exchangers are subjected to a process of shot peening with quartz beads.

After welding procedures, the heat exchanger ensures the tightness of 10-6 mbar l/s.

Leak test is performed with a helium detector. Exchangers are also subjected to leak test the water pressure control calculated individually for each project.

Heat exchangers are also subjected to water leak proof test pressure control which is calculated individually for each project.