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Shot peening - Glass blasting

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Shot peening - Glass blasting

In its shot peening works B&P Engineering uses microbeads with a grain size of 100 and 200 microns.

Microbeads of a suitable granulation used in the process, directed at the appropriate pressure, ensure a nice appearance of the treated surface.

This process can also be used to remove post-welding discolorations or as a surface grounding coating.

Beads are used for processing workpieces of different shapes, such as elements of industrial equipment and steel structures.

Shot peening is a cheaper alternative to grinding, it is a proven method when the process is required to produce workpieces with an agreeable appearance, since the processed elements become “velvety” light evenly over their entire surface.

We offer shot peeing for workpieces with the following maximum dimensions:

length 9 m*
width 3,5 m
height 4 m
weight 20 ton

*) at a special request we will offer shot peeing of workpieces featuring larger dimensions.