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Stainless steel tank bottoms

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Stainless steel tank bottoms

B&P Engineering manufactures dished and flat bottoms for pressure and low-pressure tanks.

We manufacture following types of bottoms:

  • conical
  • diffuser
  • flat

Technical data of our bottoms:

  • wall thickness from 2,5 up to 10 mm
  • diameter from 600 up to 4 300 mm
  • dishing radius from r – 40 mm up to r - 130 mm

On request we make holes in the bottoms for fittings, manways, feet and other equipment according to the customer’s specification. We grind the surface from inside and outside to the roughness from Ra 1,6 (grinding) to Ra 0,1 (polishing).


To ensure short production and delivery time we have a lot of various stainless steel sheets and coils on stock.


The manufacturing of tank bottoms starts from the determination of customer’s needs and requirements.

We ensure the production according to the acknowledged norms and standards.

If necessary, the material will be welded and then formed to the required shape. The edges of the tank bottoms can be bevelled, cut or bended edge. On special request of the customer we can carry out the non-destructive testing. At this stage we can also organize the audit which will be conducted by the representatives from the Technical Inspection Bureau.

The ready tank bottom will be forwarded to the storeroom from which it will be dispatched to the Buyer.

The well-equipped machinery park enables the professional mechanical treatment of stainless steel.

We guarantee short delivery time and flexible terms of cooperation.