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Stainless steel  industrial tank fabrication

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Stainless steel industrial tank fabrication

B&P Engineering offers a large assortment of tanks for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

With our experience we are able to design a wide range of customised, special industrial tanks. The use of state-of-the-art technology for fabrication ensures  the high quality of our products. 

Our offer includes of:

  • buffer tanks
  • mixing tanks
  • equalization tanks
  • aseptic tanks
  • storage tanks
  • industrial tanks
  • fermentation tankers
  • customized tanks for the dairy industry
  • tanks for products subject to excise duty
  • non-pressure and low pressure tanks for corrosive or toxic materials
  • vacuum-pressure reactors
  • shell and tube heat exchangers
  • silo tankers
  • CIP fix and mobile stations
  • evaporators

Depending on customer’s needs the tanks we offer meet the following standards and certificates: PED 2014/68/EU, ASME VIII-1, AD 2000, ATEX.

B&P Engineering is approved for fabrication of pressure equipment in accordance with pressure Directive 2014/68/EU as well as ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code VIII-1, stamp U.

Our production facility employs personnel specialised in VT and PT non-destructive testing, level 1 and 2.

We are a manufacturer of stainless steel tanks of the following types:

·         Buffer tanks - our designs also include buffer tanks for the food and other industries. Such installations are used to average the composition of liquids in storage tanks, which allows to maintain the same quality and characteristics of produced batches of liquids or concentrates.

·         Mixing tanks - we are a manufacturer of stainless steel tanks equipped with mixer arms selected for the installation, intended for mixing, granulating and homogenisation even under different pressure conditions or with the use of heating or cooling jacket. Our designs allow us to obtain or maintain a uniform mixture of two or more different substances.

·         Equalization tanks - we produce equalization tanks for various sizes of systems to compensate for losses of liquids or gases resulting from their expansion or evaporation under the influence of temperature. Our constructions are an essential element stabilizing processes in various types of installations.

·         Aseptic tanks - for the storage of food products requiring storage in sterile conditions, we make customized installations that have undergone washing and sterilization processes and are equipped with aseptic fittings. The design is resistant to high temperatures as well as to over and under pressure.

·         Storage tanks - as a manufacturer of stainless steel tanks, we make not only specialized constructions, but also classic storage installations of various capacities. For our customers, we build tanks made of stainless steel with a flat, conical or curved bottom.

·         Fermentation tanks - we build stainless steel tanks of cylindrical-conical shape for fermentation and conditioning of beer. Their construction allows to significantly reduce the time of aging, which is an undoubted advantage of this solution. As a manufacturer of stainless steel tanks, we ensure that our fermentation tanks are made of steel with a sufficiently low roughness.

·         Non-pressurised and low-pressure tanks for poisonous or corrosive materials - we offer the construction of stainless steel tanks for safe storage and pumping of poisonous or corrosive working agents, especially in places where they are exposed to changes in temperature, air humidity or external pressure. We are a manufacturer of stainless steel tanks for vertical or horizontal above-ground or underground installation with single and double-wall construction and different number of chambers.

·         Process tanks - as an experienced manufacturer of stainless steel tanks, we are able to manufacture tanks with a heating or cooling jacket for use at various stages of production or processing to maintain, among others, a constant temperature of the solution, propagation of yeast, as well as loading from the warehouse.

·         Vacuum-pressure reactors - for our customers, we can build stainless steel tanks for conducting chemical reactions between gases, liquids or solids. Vacuum-pressure reactors can be used to measure process parameters, control temperature or carry out various pressure processes.


As a producer of tanks, we care greatly for the safety of our customers.

As a manufacturer of stainless steel tanks, we guarantee the full safety of our products. We realize that specialized tanks are supposed to contain a whole range of substances, also reactive ones. We apply all possible innovative technologies in our production, so that our client receives a safe and durable product. Our tanks meet the standards and have obtained certificates that determine their suitability for use in extreme conditions of temperature, pressure or when in use with toxic substances.

The production of industrial tanks is our specialty.

Industrial tanks must be adapted to the storage of various liquids and substances, as they are used in many industries. Our stainless steel tanks are of the highest quality. We use steel with high strength parameters in the production process. Tanks designed this way can be used for long-term storage and the contents are not exposed to harmful external conditions.

Use of materials for the production of process and buffer tanks

In our production, we always strive to adapt to individual customer requirements. This involves developing a system that maintains the range of conditions required by the product inside. Our process tanks are manufactured using the highest quality materials. This also applies to buffer tanks, which are designed to balance the composition of the substance inside, which means that they must be produced with high precision.

Mixing tanks and pharmaceutical tanks - the highest level of realization

Pharmaceutical tanks are a product that requires careful execution. It is especially important to maintain neutral properties of such a tank, so that it doesn't react with the substance inside. Our stainless steel tanks, dedicated to pharmaceutical manufacturers, meet the strictest requirements of this industry.

Mixing tanks must be equipped with a durable agitator, so that they fulfill their role in all possible conditions. Our offer includes specialized accessories, necessary for the use of each type of tank, also carefully made to the highest quality standards.

Launch of the most technologically advanced production line in Europe to conduct automated construction of stainless-steel industrial tanks and evaporation stations.

We launched production on the new hall with an area of 5200 m2, equipped with the most technologically advanced production line in Europe designed to conduct automated construction of stainless-steel tanks and falling film evaporators. The infrastructure of the facility enables the production of tanks from 2 to 4 meters in diameter and maximum height up to 27 meters.

As a result of the implementation of the automated tank construction line, we will be able to carry out your projects faster. In comparison to the traditional method, the tanks will be built three times faster.

A short video presents metal sheet grafting, welding and weld grinding stations. Manufactured tanks are transported between production seats through a transport system with transport tractors (bogies), turntable and switches. The line also has stands for applying insulation.

If your company needs tanks in a short time, our offer will definitely be attractive.

  • Ellipsoidal, conical, deep pressed, basket, flat boiler ends
  • Tank insulation (e.g. mineral wool, polystyrene, thermofex)
  • Side or top agitators of different design (counter rotating, anchor, propeller, magnetic, cage)
  • Heating or cooling jacket (pillow plate, double jacket, triple jacket, channel jacket, electric jacket)
  • Manual, automatic control

Material:  1.4301, 1.4404 or other as per customer requirements

Surface:  IIIc, IIId, etched, sanded, polished, polished electrically, shot peening

Capacity:  up to 200 000 litres as standard - at production facility, larger dimensions available as per customer needs and requirements - performed at the customer’s premises site

Diameter:  up to 4 200 mm or larger at special request

Layout:  vertical or horizontal    

Insulation sheathing:  coated, trapezoidal, stainless, smooth hermetically welded metal sheet