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B&P Engineering is a specialist when it comes to group 8.1 stainless steel and acid-proof steel welding in accordance with PN-CR-ISO 15608.

Our production capacity is based on long term experience, state-of-the-art machinery and skilled technical personnel.

We offer:

- manual and automatic TIG (141) welding (orbital welding of perforated bottom and peripheral welding with TIG torch)

- manual and automatic TIG HW welding in perfect quality for a wide range of materials, in particular stainless steel

- MIG welding (131) both manual as well as on CLOOS automated welding station capable of welding workpieces of up to 6.5 m in length and 2.4 m in diameter with maximum weight of 6 tons.

We have an extensive base of Welding Procedure Specifcations approved by a notifying unit of the Offce of Technical Inspection.

Our technical staff includes qualifed welding supervision personnel and welders certifed according to PN-EN 287-1 and PN-EN ISO 9606, holding certifcates issued by the Offce of Technical Inspection and Polish Welding Centre of Excellence in the field of welded joints in pressure equipment conforming with Directive 97/23/EC.

We offer a comprehensive range of welding works:

• Complete process installations
• Tanks
• Reactors
• Equipment and machinery for food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry
• Foodstuffs pipelines
• Steel structures
• Platforms

We use equipment from reputable manufacturers, such as: EWM, POLYSUDE, FRONIUS, ORBIMATIC or LORCH.